Can I use hydrogen peroxide to treat ear infection?

Ear infections are very often closely connected to the common cold and influenza virus which, contrary to popular belief do not enter the body through the nose, but through the ear canal. The ear canal is this naturally equipped with ear wax which traps dust and other debris which could enter the ear and lead to infections. While the wax is self-sufficient in the sense that it dries up into flakes and falls off naturally, sometimes there can be excessive build-up of wax which could be problematic since that could lead to problems in hearing and even infections if it coincides with build-up of mucus in the ear-nose-throat canal. In such a case, you should clean your ears, but avoid using cotton ear buds since they only push the wax further inside, which could create more problems.

A simple way to loosen impacted ear-wax is to hydrogen peroxide solution, easily available at any pharmacist. You could directly administer 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in the ear, allowing it to bubble and then drain into a tissue. If the stinging is too disturbing, then you could mix 1 tsp of hydrogen peroxide with a few tbsps of warm water and insert this into the ear with a simple bulb syring (also available easily at the local pharmacist) and allow it to drain after a few minutes into a tissue paper. Clearing the ear of excessive wax in this manner has found to be extremely efficient in curing ear infections, as well as influenza and common cold within 24 hours. It is thus advisable to clean the ear with hydrogen peroxide as soon as the symptoms begin to prevent the infection from reaching the middle and inner ear canal.

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