Bad smell coming from my body.

Body odor is nothing unusual although it can ruin one's social and professional life. Teenagers and adults have unanimously agreed that body odor is unpleasant and off-putting. However, one need not fret about body odor as there are a number of things in one's control which could help to tackle this unpleasant condition. At the same time, one has to remember that some people naturally have more overpowering odors than others.

If this bad smell is noticed only at certain times, one needs to take a closer look at the kind and content of meals. Certain ingredients are known to cause malodor and such ingredients, like garlic, must be eliminated. Another food that is known to leave its pungent odor would be onions. If you suffer from unpleasant body smells, try changing your food habits to exclude all such strong foods. One should, at the same time, take the path of better nutrition. What this typically means is fresh vegetables should become a much greater part of meals. Fruits should be included on a daily basis and are generally preferred to fruit juices. This does not mean that fruit juices are to be avoided, since they too are very healthy. Rather than the packaged varieties, such juices are best had when freshly squeezed. Water is an absolute must so as to cleanse one's entire system and to keep the body hydrated. Deficiency of drinking water could become a problem and can even cause bad breath. In fact, you might notice that even you can smell the malodor coming from your mouth, if your mouth is parched. Alcohol comes under the list of body odor factors and needs to be avoided. Try some parsley, particularly when you have just finished with your meal, as this would help to freshen and cleanse one's breath. It goes without saying that, when body odor is the problem, hygiene is imperative. One can tackle problem areas which tend to emit a stronger odor such as underarms as well as one's groin region. Soap with water should be perfectly fine although certain deodorant soaps work better than regular ones. This should be undertaken once in 12 hours, at minimum.

Furthermore, if body odor seems to stem from some other problem, it would be advisable to visit a doctor. Remember that the foul body odor could be on account of medication that may be even prescribed by your doctor. Some medication cause not just bad breath but also general malodor.

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