Smelly Urine Cure

by Shaun Damon

While strong urine odor is generally not a condition on its own, it is considered to be a very clear indication of there being some sort of medical problem within the system. Under normal circumstances, urine is clear and is usually straw yellow in color. While there is a hint of some kind of odor, it is not usually strong enough to cause any repulsion. However, when a person is substantially dehydrated, the ratio of waste against water content in the urine is severely affected - something which could have an effect and make the urine has a very prominent odor. Other conditions that are also likely to cause the urine to have a very noticeable and repulsive odor include diabetes, hyperglycemia and prostatitis. However, probably the most common condition to include a strong urine smell as a symptom is a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections are known to affect women more often than it does men and studies have shown that as many as 4 in every 5 women will suffer from the condition at some point of time in their lives. Along with the strong repulsive odor of the urine, a urinary tract infection will also show up other symptoms such as substantial pain while passing urine, urine incontinence and a general discomfort. It is also important to remember that the smell you sense is not necessarily coming from the urine. In the case of women, it is not uncommon for the odor to actually be emitted from the vagina itself. One of the most common vaginal infections - bacterial vaginosis, emits a fishy odor that is very often confused as being a strong urinary odor. A strong urine smell could also be the result of consumption of certain types of foods. Asparagus, for example, has a very well known reputation of causing repulsive urine odor that is caused primarily by the way the body metabolizes the asparaginic acid found in the asparagus.

The first and usually most effective way of treating foul smelling urine odor is generally to increase your intake of water and fluids substantially - therefore allowing your urine to be more diluted. However, since the condition could be a symptom of so many possible medical ailments, if drinking more water doesn't help to any significant degree, you may be best advised to visit your doctor and have a few medical tests carried out to help diagnose the underlying medical condition. Once this has been identified, the condition is much easier to treat on a permanent basis.

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