I have bad smell all over my body, foot and mouth for ten years, what can I do, all my friends are running away because of my bad smell. Please help me

The problem of bad body odor can be a very embarrassing one, as it could cause people to avoid you. In fact there are several people who lose their confidence and self esteem, because they know they suffer from the chronic problem of unpleasant or bad body odor. One of the biggest problems is that most people associate bad body odor with lack of hygienic measures. Another common factor that could lead to body odor during later parts of the day is profuse sweating. Unfortunately, a person suffering from body odor because of these factors could be asked to bathe more often or use products like powder, perfume and deodorants.

While profuse sweating and lack of adequate hygiene may be the most common causes of bad body odor, there are a few other factors that could lead to this problem too. Some of the other common causes of bad body odor are following an unhealthy diet and medical conditions. Moreover, if it is a medical condition that has lead to the body odor problem, then no amount of deodorants or hygienic measures would help deal with the problem. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to determine if an underlying condition has lead to the problem, without consulting a doctor.

Body Odor Treatment

Strict hygienic measures are a must for everybody, regardless of their age, gender and medical condition. This means that everyone should take a bath at least once a day, with soap and water. People who sweat a lot or live in warm countries should preferably take a bath twice a day, to get rid of all the bacteria that may have accumulated on their bodies. In case the problem has not been caused by medical condition, then there are certain body odor remedies that can be used, in addition to the hygienic measures. Given below are some of the most common ways to get rid of body odor:

  • Use a talcum powder generously on the body, immediately after taking a shower
  • A paste made out of baking soda and water can help neutralize body odor.
  • Wear cool, loose and comfortable clothing, which reduces the possibility of profuse sweating.
  • Stay away from substances like alcohol and cigarette smoke
  • Make changes to the diet, by reducing the consumption of meat and foods that are high in protein and adding more fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

While most of the body odor remedies mentioned above are quite safe if used correctly, it is best to consult a doctor before using any of them. Moreover, if the body odor has been caused by a medical condition, then it is best to go through proper medical body odor treatment, which addresses the underlying condition first.

Bad Breath Smell

Bad breath or halitosis is another common problem that can lead to a lot of embarrassment. There are several causes of bad breath, which could include lack of adequate dental hygiene, gum diseases, decaying teeth or even the consumption of certain foods like onions or garlic. Most people try to cover up this problem by using a mouth wash, a mouth freshener or sprays that claim to reduce bad breath. However such commercial products may reduce the bad breath problem for a few hours, it does not get rid of it on a permanent basis. Nor does it address the factor that has lead to bad breath. In case the main cause of the problem is a gum disease or dental problems, it is best to visit an orthodontist, for a medical bad breath treatment option. However, in case the problem has been caused by other factors, it is best to increase hygienic measures and use a bad breath natural remedy at the same time to get rid of the problem.

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