What is a remedy for body odor in the groin?

Body odor in the groin area could have many reasons. It could be that you are maintaining poor general health there. It could also mean that you are not cleaning yourself well or regularly enough. Sometimes, some sort of undetected foul odor could also indicate that you are suffering from a mild infection of sorts. The best thing to do under the circumstances would be to visit a doctor who would be able to tell you the cause of the odor. This would make finding a solution for it much easier. However, you can adopt some general practices to get rid of the odor as best as you can. Begin by following a basic method of cleaning your private parts. If you are a female, wash with warm water and plain soap at least thrice a day, and wash from the front to the back. For men, it is also advisable to wash with warm water and soap thrice a day.

The one thing you must do is to get rid of your pubic hair. If you do not want to cut it, at least keep it trimmed to a minimum length. This will ensure that your effluence is not getting trapped in the hairs and causing bad smells to emanate from there. Make it a point to wear cool and loose clothes. This will allow free circulation of air all over your body and it will allow for unpleasant odors to pass. Cotton clothes as well as underwear are your best bet in this case. You can also try to change your underwear twice or thrice a day to see if that helps. If it does, then you should know that your underwear has some sort of smell that has set in and needs to be replaced. These simple methods should help in getting rid of the smell as well as make you feel clean.

answered by G R

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