What home remedies can be used for skin rashes on the testicle of a man. I have been experiencing this problem for years now. Need help.

Have you undergone any sort of treatment for these rashes or have you at least had a doctor examine you? If this is a problem that you have had for years, the first thing that you should do is visit a doctor. Skin rashes can best be treated after a physical examination. Else it is difficult to say what could be causing a rash, as there are hundreds of different rashes and as many causes. The appearance of the rash will give some indication as to its causes. Naturally, treatment varies to the same extent as the causes, as a rash will be treated according to its cause.

Hopefully you have already done whatever it is possible to do in the area of hygiene. If not, you should be more careful about hygiene in your genital area. Wash yourself thoroughly with soap each time you bathe, and in addition wash your scrotum and the entire genital area with plain water at intervals during the day. The constant presence of sweat and dirt could be the cause of the genital rash that you have. Constant moisture could also lead to irritation or even a minor skin infection, which could then cause the rash. Tinea cruris is a common fungal infection that affects the scrotum and the genital area. You should therefore use only cotton underwear, and make sure that they are not too tight. Underwear should fit snugly without constricting your body. If you usually wear Y front briefs, it is advisable that you switch to boxer shorts. These may take some getting used to, especially if you have worn Y fronts all your life, but it will probably be a great improvement and is finally only a question of habit. It is of course also important that you change your underwear daily. In fact, you should try changing your underwear twice a day, and see if there is any improvement in the skin in the scrotal area.

In case it is a fungal infection that you are suffering from, using an anti fungal cream on your scrotum could help. Anti fungal creams are easily available over the counter at any medical store. You can buy one of these creams and apply them daily as per the instructions. You should also use an anti fungal powder, especially just after bathing.

However, first of all, as mentioned, you should get a diagnosis from a doctor, else you may end up using the wrong treatment and possibly worsening the problem.

answered by G M

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