I am having lot of gray hair in my eyebrows I am quite concern please suggest

A person’s hair provides such an important aesthetic accentuation of the individual’s features. It is therefore understandable that many people can start to get overly stressed about noticing a few gray strands of hair on their scalp, eyebrows, beards and moustaches. The fact that the graying of hair is widely considered to be a symptom of aging, this can also have a significant impact on a persons mind. Much like the skin cells, the hair cells receive their coloration from a group of cells known as melanocytes. Any malfunction in these cells will prevent the hair from receiving either the right amount or any amount of pigmentation – thereby causing it to gray. Moreover, excessive stress on the area of the affected hair follicles will cause the skin cells to strangle the hair root, thereby preventing any essential nutrition to travel up through the hair shaft. Another very likely cause for the graying of hair is likely to be the lack of sebum oils being received from the sebaceous glands. This sebum oil helps provide additional nourishment to the hair as well as maintains the blackness and sheen of the hair. The kind of diet you eat will also play a significant role as the nourishment that the hair shaft requires internally through the blood stream requires a consistent supply of Vitamin B, iron, iodine and copper.

While the condition does not really threaten the quality of life in anyway, a number of people suffer from mental anguish as a result of the difference in aesthetic appeal. As a result, there are a number of home remedies that will help naturally restore the coloration of the hair on your eyebrows. There are also a number of easily available hair dyes that will help temporarily cover up the grey hair, but doing this also increases the likelihood of your hair reacting badly to the solutions chemical content – thereby possibly making the condition worse than it is. One of the most effective home remedies is to cut a few pieces of the Indian gooseberry fruit and allow it to dry under some shade. Once it has dried, boil the pieces of fruit in a bowl of coconut oil to a point where all that remains is a charred powdery substance. Massage this residue thoroughly over all the grey hair and leave it on over the course of the night in order to penetrate. Wash the mixture off first thing in the morning and repeat the treatment frequently over the course of a few weeks in order to see a noticeable change in the coloration of your hair.

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