Is it true that if you peel off or take out gray hair which you have (if you have only few) then you get more gray hair because you are peeling them.

It is a myth that pulling out a single strand of gray hair makes more hair strands to grow gray. The action of pulling off hair from the roots only affects the hair follicles of the hair strands on which pressure is exerted, and does not contribute to faster graying of hair. The real reason behind graying of hair is that the follicles stop producing sebum or produce it in decreased amounts. This is generally a natural consequence of the process of ageing, but sometimes even young people may suffer from a morbid condition in which their hair starts turning gray prematurely. Deficiency of minerals like copper, iodine and iron, and of B vitamins in the diet may be responsible for this problem. Stress and lack of adequate rest also contribute to the graying of hair.  Heredity also plays a crucial role in determining how early in life your hair starts graying.

There are several natural remedies that are effective in preventing and arresting graying of hair to some extent. You should include plenty of green, leafy vegetables in your diet as they are rich in vitamins and minerals that help prevent graying of hair. Tomatoes, carrots, bananas, wheat germ, cereals, nuts, fish, oysters and crabs, egg yolk and yogurt should also be consumed regularly in order to keep the hair lush and dark. Avoid excessively oily, spicy and sour foods. Also, cut down on your consumption of alcohol, tea and coffee. You may also cut a ribbed gourd into small pieces and dry them out completely in shade, then boil them in two cups of coconut oil till a black residue settles at the bottom of the pan. Collect the liquid extract and apply this at the roots of your hair every day. Alternatively, you may also make a natural hair oil using Indian gooseberry instead of ribbed gourd following the same procedure to treat graying hair. Boiling a handful of curry leaves in a cup of coconut oil, and applying this oil on the scalp is also useful in treating gray hair. For better results, you should also chew a few fresh curry leaves on an empty stomach every morning. Another popular remedy is to add two teaspoons of wheat germ and yeast to a glass of buttermilk, and drink this solution every morning. This prevents premature graying of hair. Applying butter made from cow’s milk on the roots of the hair twice a week is also known to be of help. 

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