I a 42 years old man. I have started seeing grey hair in my eyebrows and eye lashes. Please advise me home remedy for this problem

There are many causes for gray hair. Heredity, faulty eating habits, mental worries, hormonal imbalance, alopecia areata, unhygienic conditions of scalp, lack of certain vitamins (especially vitamin B12) are some of them. It can also be caused due to anxiety, or failures as these kinds of emotions pose stress on the scalp skin hindering the supply of vital nutrients to hair.

  • If premature graying is due to vitamin B12 deficiency then include meat, eggs, milk and milk products in the diet. Besides fermented foods vitamin B12 deficiency is difficult to overcome from a vegetarian diet alone.
  • Honey works wonders for graying hair problem. Add freshly grated ginger to honey and store it in a bottle. Take1tsp of this ginger-honey mix daily to prevent further graying.
  • Include black sesame seeds, fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains, sprouts and pulses in your daily diet.
  • Regular consumption of indian gooseberry powder with honey or indian gooseberry alone would also help to reduce grey hair.
  • Avoid any kind of emotional stress as this will aggravate the problem. 

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answered by S P

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