Cure for over sweating armpit

First of all you should try to see if there are any common, basic factors that are causing the excessive sweating in your underarm area. Sweating is the body's way of cooling itself - the main cause of sweating is usually just too much heat, and as the sweat evaporates the body gets cool. If you exert yourself, the body itself heats up and needs to cool down, and therefore produces sweat. Apart from these basic reasons, you might also sweat because of anxiety or because of spicy foods.

Alcohol and certain drugs can also cause excessive sweating, and if you are on medication you should ask your doctor about the possible side effects. If your medications are causing you to sweat excessively, then you should find out whether a substitute is available without the same side effects.

There are also a number of medical conditions that can result in excessive sweating. Heart disease sometimes results in profuse sweating, as does hyperthyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland is hyperactive and produces an excess of the thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone influences almost all the bodily functions, and therefore an excess of this hormone speeds up or heightens all these functions. Severe infections can also cause excessive sweating, along with other symptoms such as fever, but such a problem would occur and progress very quickly. In your case, the excessive sweating seems to be a long term problem, and is also limited to the armpit area.

There are no real home remedies to reduce sweating, but if there are no medical reasons for your excessive sweating, then a few simple measures will enable you to reduce sweating in the armpit area. First of all, ensure that you do not wear synthetic fibers that make you sweat more. Natural fibers such as cotton keep your body cool and thus reduce sweating. Secondly, you may want to shave your underarm hair, as it tends to collect sweat. Shaving your underarm hair may allow sweat to evaporate faster, and thus help your body cool more quickly. If you are overweight, this could be another reason for the excessive sweating, and you will simply need to lose weight through dieting and exercise.

In rare cases where the cause of excessive sweating cannot be determined or controlled, other measures may be necessary, such as surgery, or medication. If you feel the need, you can discuss such options with your doctor.

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