Natural Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

by Sharon Hopkins

Hyperhidrosis is said to be a condition where in people sweat much more than the average in some parts of their bodies. At times this sweating could be limited to only a certain part of the body like a person's hands or just their armpits. At times it can even be just their feet that are sweating a lot. At other times it can be the face or even the whole body. This condition of hyperhidrosis can leave a person feeling a lot of discomfort and at times it can even end up being embarrassing for the person. One can try different treatment for hyperhidrosis which includes surgery or one can try the hyperhidrosis natural cure methods. These natural hyperhidrosis treatments include exfoliation. Try using an exfoliating scrub in those areas where you tend to sweat more than normal as this helps in opening up and cleaning out the pores. This helps to keep one's pores open and unblocked and thus helps in preventing or reducing the excessive sweating that one is experiencing. This is also a great way to eliminate the toxins from one's system. However always ensure that you do not use a scrub too often as over usage can also cause damage to one's skin and cause further problems to develop. One can try using some cooling packs if the sweating is restricted to one's face. Packs that are made of cucumber or lemon are very cooling. One can also try washing their face with rose water as this too is found to be cooling and soothing to one's skin. Peppermint is another ingredient that has a cooling effect when applied on the affected area.

Another cure for hyperhidrosis includes drinking plenty of healthy fluids. Some of these health drinks include drinking juice extracted from the turnip. One can even try drinking some sage tea every morning. This is known to help in reducing the amount a person sweats. A person's diet is also extremely essential in this condition. One should always try and eat plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables. These help to keep the person's body as healthy as possible. Some of the main vegetables include eating plenty of spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. One can also eat plenty of beetroot. In the fruits one should eat plenty of apples, melons, oranges and lemons. One should also eat cucumbers and tomatoes that help in removing the toxins from one's blood.


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