Don't be Afraid to Wave Goodbye!

by Garreth Myers

Ageing, a bane we all go through can cause our bodies to accumulate an excessive amount of skin in the upper arm and armpit area. Losing a lot of weight rapidly can also lead to the same unsightly problem. Not only is this excess skin an eyesore, but it could literally cause soreness because of chafing, every time you move your arm. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. You can undergo a brachioplasty or an Arm Lift, to get rid of the extra, loose-hanging skin between your armpit and your elbow.

This cosmetic procedure needs to be performed by a certified surgeon. You will be given general anesthesia and an incision will be made between your armpit and your elbow. Then, the excessive skin will be removed and a drainage tube will be inserted. Your surgeon will probably look for a location where the surgery scar would not be too visible. This is because the surgery may form raised or wide scars on your skin. The entire procedure should take no more than two hours or so.

After the surgery, you may experience some amount of pain and swelling, which could last for about 6 weeks or so. Consult your doctor for any pain medications if needed. You should be able to resume normal, light activity within 3 to 4 days, though you may have to wear a bandage for a week. You may not be able to exercise for 2 to 4 weeks.

Because of the swelling, you may not be able to notice the results of the brachioplasty immediately. It could take up to 2 to 4 months for the results to become apparent. So try not to get disheartened if you can’t slip into that designer gown just yet, because it’s only a matter of time. The results of a brachioplasty are usually evident for 5 to 7 years, unless there are some major changes in your body again.

There are some real risks associated with the brachioplasty procedure that you should consider, some of which include:

  • Reactions to the anesthesia
  • Healing problems and the formation of a raised or wide scar
  • Infections and excess bleeding

Most of these problems can be easily averted however, if you keep your doctor informed about every aspect of your health, and pay heed to all of his advice. You may have to go through regular follow-up sessions, just to make sure that there are no complications. The cost of a brachioplasty will vary, depending upon the facility you choose for your surgery. Since this is a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by most insurance policies or plans.

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