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I have heard that using turmeric will decrease facial hair but how to use it?

There is no home remedy that will decrease the growth of facial hair; at the most, you can use home remedies to get rid of hair that does grow. The growth of facial hair (and in fact any other hair) is determined by your genes and by the hormone levels in your body. You cannot of course do anything about your genes. The only way to control the growth of hair is therefore to control the hormone levels in your body, and unless there is some medical problem due to which your hormone levels are abnormal, there is no need to do such a thing.

Facial hair can instead be removed quite easily, using a variety of techniques, most of which can be performed at home without much effort or expense. Shaving is one option, but it is not usually used on the face, as it eventually results in at least a fine stubble, which any woman would wish to avoid. Chemical depilatories are also usually avoided on the face. These are creams or powders that dissolve hair. Apart from the fact that these two only get rid of the portion of hair that is above the skin, and therefore involve some amount of stubble, the facial skin is usually too sensitive for such harsh chemicals.

Instead, hair can be plucked, waxed, sugared, or removed by a mechanical epilator. Mechanical epilators are easily available today, and apart from the initial cost. Mechanical epilators are an inexpensive and simple way to remove unwanted hair. If the growth is thin but consist of relatively thick hairs, you can pluck the excess hair with a pair of tweezers. For a thicker growth or for finer hair however, this is not really practical.

The technique that you are referring to involves the use of turmeric powder and milk. The two are mixed into a paste which is applied to the face; when the paste begins to dry, it is scrubbed off the face with the fingertips. Sometimes gram flour is also included in the paste. A mixture of sugar and water (and often lemon too) is also used in the same way.

If you have only recently developed an excessive growth of facial hair, then it could be due to some underlying disorder that needs to be looked into and treated. In such a case you should visit a doctor for a thorough check up as soon as possible.

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