Why my face lacks facial hair. Even other men have dark facial hair. Is there any solution to grow facial hair?

Most men are keen on finding ways to grow facial hair fast on account of the association of facial hair with masculinity and the sex appeal as well. Although there are certain home remedies to grow facial hair faster and that is thicker, one should also keep in mind that the growth of rate of facial hair largely depends largely on genetics of the person as well. One of the facial hair growth remedies is to try and minimize the amount of stress that one may experience in their day to day lives because it has been observed that stress tends to make the hair brittle and weak and also slows down the growth rate of hair. One of the home remedies to grow facial hair faster is to eat the right kind of food and try and follow a healthy lifestyle as far as possible. In fact there are also certain minerals and vitamins that are known to make facial hair grow faster and these include vitamins B1, A1, B12, B6 and so on. Proteins should also form an important part of one's daily diet as they are required to grow facial hair faster.

Individuals who want to know various ways to grow facial hair fast should also try and get adequate amount of sleep and rest so as to allow the body to repair the damaged cells which in turn promotes the growth of facial hair in men. Another one of the facial hair growth remedies is to ensure that one also gets sufficient and regular exercise as this helps the individual remain fit physically as well as mentally. Exercise is also known to be one of the effective home remedies to grow hair faster because it promotes the circulation of blood to the face which in turn encourages the growth of facial hair. Those men who are also keen on growing thicker facial hair are also under that impression that shaving tends to promote the growth of facial hair. However there is no proven research that states the same as scientifically, shaving has almost no effect on the rate of growth of facial hair. Facial hair growth remedies also include keeping the face free of dirt and clean as much as possible. This way one is able to ensure that the hair follicles are clear and there is no dirt that may have accumulated in the pores.

Another one of the home remedies to grow facial hair faster is to try and exfoliate ones skin at least once in a week as this tends to take off the dead skin cells which results in the stimulation of facial hair growth. Additionally, it has been observed that flaky and dry skin tends to limit or stunt the growth of facial hair. Men who are looking for ways to grow facial hair fast should also ensure that they keep their skin moisturized often as this will ensure that there are no cases of ingrown hair which would result in the overall beard looking sparse. Home remedies to grow hair faster also include conditioning ones hair as often as possible as hair is known to go through a lot of trauma on account of the various beauty products that are being constantly used as well as the environmental conditions. Facial hair growth rate is also majorly determined by the quantity or the proportion of nutrients that are present in ones diet and hence one should pay special attention to the intake of fruits and vegetables that are known to be rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and other such nutrients that are beneficial for faster facial hair growth as well as ones overall good health.

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