Natural Ways To Cure Toothache with Turmeric, Peppermint And Cloves: We did all these different things at once (turmeric, peppermint & cloves). Are there any ill effects from these things interacting together? What is the average time limit to the effecti

Answering your questions would totally depend upon what all remedies you have put to use to take care of your toothache. You have mentioned turmeric, but to answer your question about what kind of time it takes for turmeric to act on your teeth you would have top reveal what you did with the turmeric. For instance, if you applied it topically, then it would have helped you out if you were suffering from an infection. Turmeric is an excellent anti septic and has a tendency to heal almost any kind of infection. However, if you have been mixing turmeric in milk and having it, this will work very slowly. It could take as long as a week to actually show some effect. And if you are suffering from a toothache due to something like a wisdom tooth emerging wrong, then turmeric would be totally ineffectual, since it would not be able to help at all. Also, it is wise to know that turmeric is not a pain killer. You have mentioned peppermint, but not what exactly you did with it. Once again, peppermint is a great product to use for temporary measures of healing toothache. But it will not really be of much use as a cure, per se.

Cloves are an excellent product to use for any kind of toothache. They have the tendency to heal, arrest pain and also help to stop the spread of infection. If you have been applying cloves to your aching tooth directly, this would have shown almost instantaneous results. Applying clove oil is also an almost magical cure for treating toothache. But you would need to keep in mind that is not use in moderation; it could also give you rashes on the inside of your mouth. This is also true of cloves, and not merely clove oil. You can clamp a piece of clove down in your tooth where the ache is and allow the oils from the product to seep in slowly over a period of time. Alternately, you could also apply a dab of clove oil to a tightly wadded up ball of cotton and clamp this down in your aching tooth. There is no side effect of all of these acting in tandem except the ones mentioned here. Herbal or natural remedies rarely work too fast or have any dangerous or harmful side effects. So do not expect overnight miracles, as this may not happen.

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