I need help with a toothache that results in high pressure within the jaw?

The problems you have mentioned need quick and immediate medical attention to begin with. If you have not consulted a doctor, you should make it a point to do so at the first opportunity. This is because swollen tonsils may also be a sign of some sort of infection that has settled into your system. If you do not take care of this quickly, the problem may well spread and cause other complications. Sometimes, you may also have to go as far using surgical measures to take care of the situation. If you are facing the problem of "high pressure within the jaw", you need the attention of a qualified dentist. This step is especially important because you need to work at eliminating anything more complicated than what appears on the surface. You have already been using home remedies such as application and ingestion of cloves, turmeric or gargling with warm or hot salt water. If you have been suing these remedial measures for more than a week or two, and have noticed no improvement, then it is very important for you to stop all efforts and see a doctor at once.

If you wish to continue using remedies and do not want to see a doctor altogether, then you can try a couple of different remedies from the ones you have already tried out. You should try to rinse your mouth with organic apple cider vinegar. The vinegar will kill bacterial infections of many kinds and the organic cider will help to relieve the pain. It will provide cooling and soothing relief from a continual toothache. If you have a finger on exactly which tooth it is that is hurting, you can also keep a used chilled tea bag on the tooth. This will not only help with arresting the pain, it will also ease out any infection you might have. To take care of swollen tonsils, you can simply drink hot water intermittently during the day. This will help to bring down the swelling and will also kill any mild infections. If you add a couple of drops of lime juice to the water, it will also sanitize your throat. Tablets that are made with zinc are quite easily available in the market. You can purchase these and suck on them off and on during the say. The zinc content helps to bring down any swelling of the throat, no matter what the reason for it.

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