Natural Ways For Hair Removal

by Sam Malone

Hair removal can be tricky and expensive, especially for women who have excess facial and body hair. Men, too, who are looking for a cleaner look on their chest and body (since the facial hair can be shaved), may need some help with hair removal. In today’s day and age, hairless bodies, especially for women, are considered to be more attractive and appealing. Given below are some proven home remedies for hair removal.

Removing Hair Naturally

Choosing natural ways for hair removal offers many advantages. Apart from comfort, effectiveness and affordability, health and safety are also some benefits of home remedies for removing unwanted hair; harsh chemicals and unsafe procedures may cause more harm than good. In addition, natural hair removing methods help to slow down the regrowth of hair. The cooling effect of the natural extracts weaken the hair roots.

Waxing is one of the popular methods of hair removal. In this method, one can get rid of unwanted hair using molten wax. It involves pulling the hair out from the roots. Even though it may be a more painful option, the results last much longer and regrowth after waxing is comparatively slower than other methods such as shaving. You can make homemade wax to remove unwanted body hair. Mix two cups of sugar, 1/4 cup of water, and 1/4 cup of lemon juice and heat over a slow fire. Keep stirring and remove it once you get a thick brown liquid. Cool it and apply the wax on the part of body that you need to remove the hair from. Use a clean cloth or waxing strip and pull it. You have to pull in the direction opposite of the hair growth. In order to tighten the pores, after waxing, apply ice and astringent over the area. Remember that waxing can also harm and damage the skin if not done properly; you may seek the advice of a beautician for tips.

Sugaring also works similar to waxing. However, many people prefer sugaring over waxing as it is gentler and less painful on the skin. Mix one cup of sugar, juice of half lemon, ¼ cup of honey, molasses, and little corn starch. Heat the mixture over a slow fire to get smooth consistency. Dusting the area with corn starch helps for smooth removal of hair.

Facial Hair Removal

  • Threading is an old hair removing method used to remove unwanted hair from smaller areas such as the chin, eyebrow, face, and upper lip area. Twisting and rolling clean cotton thread along the skin is employed to pull out hair from the follicle.
  • Mix turmeric powder and milk and make a paste. Apply it on face and wash it off after 10 to 15 minutes.
  • A mixture of lemon and sugar also helps to get rid of facial hair. Mix sugar, lemon juice, and water into a paste and apply to the face. Regular application of this mask helps to get rid of the fine hairs on the face.
  • Another good facial hair removal mask is the mixture of one part of lemon juice and four parts of honey. Applying this mask twice a week is another good natural remedy for facial hair.

How to Hide the Hair on the Face?

If you choose not to remove the hair and simply want lighten the appearance, you can hide very fine hair using a paste made of fresh lime juice and pinch of turmeric powder. Honey with lemon juice also acts as an effective natural remedy to lighten the color of the hair. Cucumber, raw potatoes, gram flour are also some natural bleaching agents.



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