Vegetables for blood purification?

It is not clear exactly what you are looking for. What are the reasons for which you think that you require blood purification? If you are suffering from some medical condition or are experiencing symptoms that you cannot explain, you should visit a doctor for a diagnosis and proper treatment of your condition and symptoms. Blood purification is not necessary, and is in fact not really of any use.

The body itself has a natural blood purification system. In fact, it has organs whose main function is to cleanse the blood of dangerous substances. The main function of the kidneys is to filter toxins and metabolic waste from the bloodstream and excrete them through the urine. In addition, the liver too performs a cleansing and detoxifying function. If for some reason, your liver or kidneys are not functioning properly, you should get prompt medical attention, as these are serious problems that can have dangerous consequences. The functions of the liver and kidneys certainly cannot be substituted by a blood purification diet or any other detoxification techniques. However, as long as your liver and kidneys are functioning well, they will provide all the detoxification and blood purification that you may need.

Putting an excessive load on your liver and kidneys by consuming an excess of substances like alcohol, or even certain medications, can impair their functioning. To some extent, the limited diet of a detoxification program may help in giving these organs a break and returning to normal, healthy function. However, this is hardly of any use if you subsequently return to regular consumption of unhealthy substances. In order to really take care of your body and ensure that toxins do not build up, you should avoid consuming harmful substances in the first place.

In any case, there is not much scientific evidence to support the idea that toxins build up in the body and need to be removed, or that detoxification or blood purifying diets have any benefits. It is thought that toxins accumulate in the body and need to be properly and safely eliminated, else they can cause a variety of diseases. However, these toxins are not properly defined by practitioners of such techniques, and studies have not shown any basis in such a belief. Still, if you are interested in a blood purifying diet, then almost any vegetables will do. The important thing is that you limit your consumption to raw or boiled vegetables and fruits, and drink plenty of water.

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