Natural Remedies For Increasing Hemoglobin: Can You Suggest Some Fruits or Vegetables That Increases Hemoglobin In The Body?

Before you decide for yourself that you are suffering from a low hemoglobin count, I would suggest that you visit your doctor. A complete examination will reveal the exact nature of the ailment you are suffering from. However, well you know your body, it is not probably safe to go by such generalizations as the ones you are making.

Anemia is caused by an inadequate diet, that is a diet which lacks essential nutrients. You can correct this lack by including certain food times in your diet and ensure that you eat other foodstuffs in greater quantity. Try to substitute sugar with honey. You can do this by drinking tea with honey in it or simply adding a tablespoon of honey to warm water and consuming this twice a day.

Green leafy vegetables are an acknowledged source of iron and should be consumed regularly. However, if you are eating salads, try to avoid dousing them in heavy and rich dressings. Spinach, celery, broccoli and lettuce are the vegetables that you should eat at every meal, if possible.

Drink at least two large cups of milk daily. Soak five or six Almonds in water overnight. Eat these in the morning. You can also include chopped almonds in your salads. Include soybean in your diet.

answered by G R

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