Treatment for cough, low energy and breathing problem

You can use a variety of home remedies to take care of yourself given the condition you describe. Stuffed sinuses are particularly uncomfortable when you sleep. This is because lying down has a tendency to spread phlegm evenly all over your insides. This means that your nostrils get blocked quite easily and effectively when you are lying down, thus forcing you to breathe through your mouth. If you are forced to breathe orally, then your sleep will not be restful. It is possible that you are suffering from the problem of broken sleep, something that most people do not even realize when it is happening to them. This explains your reason for waking up with headaches.

Basically, the problem that you have to tackle is one of blocked sinuses. This will take care of the rest of your condition on its own. Freshly squeezed grape juice is a particularly good way to loosen phlegm and it can also be had about four to five times a day. Alternately, you can also consume the juice of fresh onions for the same purpose. After you have managed to get rid of most of the phlegm, you will be able to breathe as well as sleep better. You can also have a cup of herbal tea made with four peppercorns, a half inch stick of cinnamon, four cloves and four cardamoms with a few leaves of holy basil thrown in. This will help to loosen mucus and it can also be had up to thrice a day. Apiece of dry ginger kept in the mouth will also relieve coughing. You can also soak in a hot bath to which a few drops of eucalyptus oil or a lump of Vicks Vaporub has been added. This will open up your sinuses considerably. Also, make it a point to sleep on a slightly high pillow, as this will help you to sleep better and not wake up with frequent headaches.

answered by G R

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