I have tried lots of different medicines nothing seems to work. I don't feel sick. I have a stuffed nose that makes it hard for me to breathe. I tried allergy medicine, Zycam, sinus medicine, medicine you squirt up your nose. Nothing gives me relief.

A stuffed nose is typically associated with a cold or some kind of chest congestion. The other obvious association would be an allergic reaction. It is very frustrating to experience no relief from the condition even after trying such a variety of medication for the same. However, you have to understand that these are just some of the medications available for those particular problems. It would help to let your doctor rule out each possible cause of that stuffed nose by treatment with a variety of medication. For instance, some allergy medication might not work as well as others, depending on the allergy in question as well as the person in question. Often, when individual symptoms like blocked noses present themselves without other key symptoms, treatment would be a matter of trial and error, to rule out various possibilities.

One of the many curative measures for a stuffed nose, although temporary, would be consumption of lots of hot water. In general hot liquids and old remedies such as chicken soup when consumed hot could provide great relief. Smelling something as potent as an onion, has been known to help unblock a stuffy nose. In some cases, when breathing becomes difficult, the way to provide quick relief would be large scale exposure to steam. Steam is well known for its ability to clear air passages such that breathing becomes a lot easier. You can achieve this by means of creating a steam room in your own bathroom. What you essentially need to do is to let streaming hot water naturally steam up the room. Once the exits for the steam are cut off, the sauna effect can help unblock those nasal passages. This can be especially useful when breathing problems hit at night. In some cases of a stuffy nose, consumption of foods that are known to be spicy might help. At home, one might find comfort for that stuffy nose in a humidifier. This has often been recommended in different ailments where breathing becomes a problem.

Since there has been no consensus on the cause of the stuffed nose, it would be best to get a diagnosis before treating that nasal problem at home. If, for example, you are facing that on account of dust or some other kind of allergy, this source would have to be seen to before home treatment or medication can fully take effect. It could help to experiment by eliminating potential allergens that could be behind your blocked nose, such as pollen and dust.

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