I get sick a lot. The cold starts with a sore throat, and stuffy sinuses, and it leads to a fever before the cold is over. What could be the problem? I take vitamins A, E and multivitamin pills on most days. I also eat healthy, and workout. Please Help!

It's great that you maintain an active lifestyle, working out and eating healthy. But something is going wrong somewhere. You said you're taking vitamin supplements A and E and are also taking other multivitamins frequently. Has your doctor prescribed these to you? Or are you taking them on your own just to be fit? The symptoms, which you have mentioned, could be because of an overdose of vitamins and minerals, maybe because your body is reacting to it. Please visit your doctor and get a medical check up done. Do not take vitamin supplements unless your doctor asks you to. You already eat healthy and work out regularly, so that should be enough for you. Your body is getting its supply of essential nutrients from a healthy diet so I don't see any reason for you to be taking additional supplements.

General things you should keep in mind:

Vitamin A helps to improve and preserve your eyesight. It is known as Retinol too. This is because of the role it plays in the functions of the eye (retina). It also helps to fight off viral infections. Your body can store enough Vitamin A required for two years. But excessive amount of this vitamin may cause the white part of your eyes and your skin to turn yellow. This happens when the body stores more vitamin A than required.

Vitamin A is usually found preformed in foods that are of animal origins. But there are certain fruits and vegetables that contain carotenoids. These are the pigments that give them the red, yellow and orange color. Our body converts these carotenoids (alpha carotene, beta carotene and gamma carotene) into Vitamin A. These are also called Provitamin A.

You can get Vitamin A from your food itself like Carrots, boiled spinach, baked sweet potato, raw red bell peppers, greens from turnips (cooked), milk and eggs.

Vitamin E sounds like a single substance but in fact it's a group of fat soluble vitamins that are active through the body. Some of these are called tocopherols. The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of Vitamin E for a man is only10mg and for a woman it is 8mg. You don't really need to take supplements for this quantity. As long as you are eating a healthy balanced diet, you will get the required dosage of Vitamin E from your food itself like eggs (yolk), green leafy vegetables, cereals, milk, butter and nuts.

answered by G M

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