Treatment tips to stop draining sinuses

Treatment to stop draining sinuses

It is not clear exactly what you are aiming at - draining the sinuses of mucus is usually considered good. With sinusitis, the cavities in the skull and face that are known as paranasal sinuses become inflamed and blocked due to infection. As a result of this, mucus cannot drain normally, leading to the feeling of pressure built up inside your head. Home remedies and treatments for sinusitis typically aim at fighting the infection and relieving the symptoms, particularly the blocked nose and build up of mucus.

Medical treatment is necessary for sinusitis only if the condition does not improve by the fourth day. Till then, you can try some simple home remedies. Steam inhalation is particularly useful - the steam helps drain the sinuses by moistening the passages and the nasal hair, and getting the mucus to flow. In addition, a nasal flush using a home made saline solution (mix some salt and a little baking powder into half a glass of warm water) will also provide relief. You should also drink plenty of fluids. Water is always good, but in addition, you can drink hot soups and herbal teas. If what you are referring to is a runny nose, then the nasal flush with a saline solution will still help. This is usually the result of an allergy or a common cold, and is not related to the sinuses, except that such an infection can sometimes spread to the sinuses.

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