How to stop anal bleeding?

If you have bleeding while passing stools this means that you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids is a condition that occurs when you are constipated. As a result you find that you have to exert considerable pressure while passing stools. This causes a vein in your anal region to become enlarged. When you next try to force your feces to emerge, the enlarged vein hurts and also bleeds. If you continue to notice the bleeding you should consult your doctor.

You can stop the bleeding and control the problem of hemorrhoids by altering your diet. Your intake should include large portions of fiber rich food. That is, you should eat vegetables, soups, fruits. And you should stay away from bakery products, since these do not contain fiber. Diluted buttermilk, fruit juices to which sugar has not been added are other things that you should consume. Peel and grate one radish. Squeeze the grated radish to extract some juice. Add some salt to this and drink this at bedtime. Radish, papaya, apple, are some of the things that you should consume regularly.

You should also avoid oily food and spicy food. Your sleep pattern is equally important and so is a regular schedule of physical exercise.

answered by G M

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