Advice to stop vaginal bleeding: I have endometriosis, how do I stop the bleeding? I have been bleeding for 15 days. I use one pad a day. I want a no medicine cure.

Endometriosis is a rather common condition, known to affect almost one in every ten women, during their reproductive years. The condition is characterized by the abnormal growth of endometrial cells (which are normally present inside the uterus) outside of the uterus - mostly on the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Some of the other places where endometrial tissue is likely to form include the vagina, cervix and bladder. One of the biggest problems in detection of the condition is the fact that a number of women suffering from it do not show any symptoms. However, the most common initial symptom that leads up to correct diagnosis of endometriosis vaginal bleeding is severe pelvic pain. Studies have also shown that endometriosis vaginal bleeding seems to occur more often in white women than when compared to the instances of the condition in African American or Asian women. The primary cause of endometrial vaginal bleeding is still largely unknown. However, one of the most prominent theories within the medical fraternity is that the endometrial tissue is slowly deposited into various parts of the human body as a result of backflow of the menstrual flow into the fallopian tubes and the abdominal cavity during the menstruation period.

Most women suffering from endometrial vaginal bleeding will experience some significant amount of abnormal bleeding and only when all of the endometriosis is removed is a patient likely to see her normal bleeding patterns restored. The endometriosis pelvic pain is rather substantial and is usually the primary focus of initial treatment with the doctor attempting to at least help the pain subside. Endometriosis is painful and therefore treating the pain when affected by endometriosis vaginal bleeding is of prime importance. There are a number of endometriosis discharge home remedies primarily because of the fact that the condition is rather common all over the world. One of the best treatments for vaginal endometriosis is to sip on a cup of ginger tea. This not only soothes the irritated organs, but also helps relieve the nausea that the patient is likely to be experiencing. The patient's diet will also play a rather significant role in how she deals with the condition and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetable juices will help build the body's immune system to a respectable level enough to help fight the condition. Make it a point to consume large quantities of fish as the omega 3 fatty acids stored in the meat will help suppress the production of prostaglandin. Also make it a point to avoid foods such as caffeine and fried foods.

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Few home remedies for endometriosis

  • For stopping continous menstrual flow, you can boil some pieces of ginger in water and drink it thrice a day. You can add sugar for taste
  • Juice of mango, papaya, pineapple and dark grape is beneficial in endometriosis
  • Curd with cooked banana flower is good for excess flow
  • Boil 12 gm. of coriander seeds in 1 liter of water till it becomes ½ quantity. Drink this water for excess flow. 60-90gms of beet juice twice a day is beneficial in all menstrual problems
  • Prepare the solution of 10ml. mango bark juice +120ml.water. Take one teaspoon every hour for excess bleeding
  • Give hot bath to the abdomen
  • Herbs such as cohosh, chaste berry, cramp bark give relief from endometriosis
  • Fruits and vegetable juices are also beneficial for endometriosis
  • Walking and jogging is good exercise for relief in endometriosis
  • Exercise on moderate level helps

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