Bleeding piles due to chronic constipation: I've a vein out of my anal past 3-4 months I feel. I'm totally unaware but suddenly I start bleeding and it may continue for a few days (a week to month). Do I need to get operated? Blood only when ejection?

The condition that you suffer from is piles and though easily treatable should never be neglected. Delaying treatment and ignoring a serious symptom like yours is unwise and can result in complications like infections, Fistula, Abscess, Thrombosis and Prolapse, Anaemia and severe bleeding, turning a relatively minor problem into something a lot more serious. I would strongly advise you to visit your doctor or general physician immediately for an accurate diagnosis and medically supervised treatment.

Piles is a relatively common condition and is a consequence of chronic constipation or caused by a variety of other bowel disorders. Constipation although generally not a cause for major worry, can at times become a very serious problem. Sever constipation creates a lot of pressure and strain in an effort to evacuate the bowels. This is directly responsible for the development of piles. Because of the strain from constipation the surrounding veins are subjected to immense pressure leading to piles. The condition is also quite common to pregnant women and in individuals suffering from any condition that affects the liver and the upper bowels. Prolonged periods in a seated or standing position, strenuous work, heredity, obesity, and mental tension are common causes for the ailment. General weakness of the body's tissue can also facilitate or hasten the inset of the ailment.

answered by M W

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