Natural Cure For Parkinson's Disease: My father has Parkinson's, he can't stand the pain he gets on his left leg; his toe swells up and gets very hard. He was prescribed some muscle relaxants but don't seem to be working. Please suggest some home remedies

Tremor, slow movement, rigidity and limited movement are the various symptoms of Parkinson's disease. It results in the degeneration of the nerves. Various ways of controlling the disease exists. Individual results may vary. Regular exercise proves beneficial in individuals with Parkinson's disease. Reduced muscle cramps, increased confidence, improved balance, better coordination, prevention of joint deformity, better mobility, decreased stress levels, improved walking, and better posture are the benefits of exercise. Always aim for limited exercise timing. Stretching exercises to target all the joints are helpful. A lot of determination is essential. Massage therapy also proves an effective remedy. Radiating pain in the leg is also associated with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Prescription drugs, such as painkillers are effective. Massage with aromatic essential oils is also helpful. Hot compress on the legs are also helpful. Avoid long hours of standing. Proper sandals are also useful. Place the legs in a slightly elevated position for around ten minutes to relieve pain. A physiotherapist might prove helpful in revealing various methods of reducing pain, such as exercises. Take the guidance of your physician for further guidance.

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