My left big toe has pain. Please help me with home remedies

Toe pain can be caused by a number of different reasons. It could be that you have somehow stubbed your toe or bruised it in some manner or the other. This happens more often than you think and your toe might not have begun to hurt until later. There may be a superficial cut or you could have hurt your toe even without realizing. There could be a number of other possible causes for such toe pain, including incorrect footwear choice. Big toes are particularly prone to the condition of ingrown toenails which can lead to other complications. Examine the appearance of your toe, check for bruising, peeling skin and the like to try and figure out what has caused it. For instance, you might have missed the appearance of a corn or blister. Check for any kind of indication of fungal infection such as Athlete's foot. Your doctor would be in a better position to guide you about the possible reasons for the toe pain as well as remedies for the same. The home treatments mentioned below would help with the symptom of toe pain, but for the underlying causes, your doctor would need to make his or her diagnosis.

As with treatment for muscle pulls, ice is usually employed to help individuals deal with various injuries and pain. A homemade ice pack is quite effective in numbing the toe and helping with inflammation. However, if you intend to use ice packs, keep in mind that these will help your toe only in the initial stages of pain. Later on, it is usually the application of heat that helps deal with pain. You could try a relaxing soak for your left foot and even add in some drops of essential oils to help you unwind. Foot massages along with gentle exercises, can aid circulation and improve the condition of your toe. Try a few stretches along with gentle foot rubs. Petroleum jelly may also be used to help with that massage. This is also helpful when dealing with other toe problems such as corns. Usually problems with big toes relate to tight footwear, as do problems with little toes. Try roomier, more comfortable shoes and see if the pain abates. As mentioned earlier, home remedies will help to ease your left big toe pain, but it is only your doctor who can help you better understand what caused it in the first place.

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