My big toe is suddenly swollen, I dunno what to do with it. It is mostly in my right big toe, but my left is slightly swollen too.

Swelling in the lower part of legs or feet is medically called edema. It could be a result of water retention. But if only one toe in each foot is swollen, it could also be something else. You need to examine your footwear. Are you wearing closed shoes that are narrow, and therefore too tight for your feet? This is a common cause of swelling. Another cause is also maintaining long toenails and then wearing closed shoes. If you have to wear closed shoes, you need to keep your toenails very short. While this may not appeal to you, it is important because prolonged pressure on the nail of the great (big) toe can cause swelling and immense pain over a period of time. And you will not even come to know what the reason is, since it works slowly and gradually. You should also, as a safety measure, cut back on salt from your diet by half immediately, as this leads to water retention. Increase your water intake to about 20 glasses a day. The only way to cure water retention is to provide the body with a surfeit of water that it will be forced to flush out. This may help you with your problem. Try to stick to wearing thin socks, especially if you are standing a lot. This will help absorb excessive moisture and also not make your shoes fit tighter.

answered by G R

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