Metabolic Problems

by Andrew Mills

For each one of us to function normally requires metabolic system to be working healthily. Metabolic system when not working healthily will result in loss of energy and a variety of other problems which will create more problems further. Metabolic problems start when the body does not have enough energy to function properly. It will result in loss of energy, loss of memory, a feeling of disinterest, loss of sexual appetite, weight problems, etc.

Metabolism means a range of chemical reaction which go inside our body to keep us fit and healthy, here it is not important that proper cells are present in the body, it is important that new cells take place of healthy cells and each cell is healthy and restores its own structure. Healthy cells will always result in healthy you.

There are different types of metabolic problems; one of this is the growth disorders. A child should grow appropriately, a growth does not mean mere increase in height, it also means that the child should attain each step at a particular age, which is generally in all normal children. It includes growth as well as puberty, physical and mental growth, brain growth etc.

In order to check whether a child is growing normally it is important to see whether the child is growing normally height wise, i.e. whether the height of the child is growing according to the charts given by the medical experts, it includes even short children who are growing quite normally. In case your child is not growing according to the given charts it is necessary that the pediatrician be consulted immediately.

Treatment of congenital metabolic systems is possible earlier than normal, the technique of newborn screening makes it possible to identify the metabolic disease earlier on and helps proper diagnosing and medical treatment of the child possible within given time frame. Different techniques like mass spectrometry help finding the root of metabolic problem, thereby helping the doctors treat this disease from the very beginning; this technique has also helped reducing curable metabolic problems amongst children.

Metabolic problems are different in normal adults and children. Metabolic problems amongst adults can be cured faster whereas among children who are born with certain metabolic problems, these cannot be cured properly. Sometimes, the child may have to live with the persistent problem all his life. Metabolic problems are because of lower than normal functioning of the body.

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