How can I reduce the wrinkles around my eyes without spending a lot of money?

Wrinkles natural remedies-

  1. Apply avocado oil daily once on the face and keep it for 5-8 hours.
  2. Just laugh a lot every day with or without a purpose.
  3. Take a homeopathic remedy called Silicea 200, 1 dose, every 3rd night. Take 5 doses.
  4. Stop medicines and wait for 15 days and see the changes.
  5. Take ganoderma mushroom powder about 2 gms daily for 3 months.
  6. Take a walk for an hour daily in the early rising sun. Take a bio chemic remedy called Calcarea phos 12x , 5 tablets, 3 times daily for 3 months.

answered by D M K

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