How long does Bunion pain last?

Bunions are a painful condition that can last for inordinately long periods of time. There is no cure for bunions as such, but you can take certain simple measures at home to ease off the pain as well as prevent the bone from growing out further. The first thing to do is start wearing flat-soled, loose fitting shoes. Tight shoes tend to cause extra pressure on your great toe, thus forcing the swelling surrounding the bunion to increase. Loose and flat shoes will take care of the problem. It is especially important to wear flat shoes if you are standing for more than six hours a day.

Running shoes are usually the best solution. In order to get relief from the pain, you can soak your feet in Epsom salts. This will cease the inflammation as well as provide relief from the pain. After you remove your feet, rinse and apply warm coconut oil and massage your feet gently. Wear socks and if you can, go to sleep after following this procedure. The mix of warmth and healing coconut oil will work all night and help you to cope with the pain considerably. You can also apply castor oil to help with the pain. Try to keep off your feet as much as possible for relief.

answered by G R

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