I am having pain in lower abdomen at right side and it is shooting once and sometimes no pain. Doctor prescribed Morease SR, but the pain not relieved fully

Pain in the stomach is a rather common occurrence and can simply be due to gas or sometimes is indicating a more serious problem. It is thus, very essential that you visit a doctor and find out the exact reason for the pain. Moreover, it is also essential to know as to how long you are getting this pain, whether you feel like vomiting or whether there is a loss in your appetite too. All these symptoms are crucial in determining your problem and thus, should be observed. Moreover, if you have fever accompanied by the pain, it is not at all a good sign and needs immediate attention. The reasons for a strong pain in the right side of your lower abdomen could result from a variety of reasons like appendicitis, kidney stones symptoms, cyst in the ovaries, Constipation, a muscle that has been pulled, ulcers in the duodenum, presence of gallstones or because of inflammation of the gall bladder. If you get the pain after eating a meal, it is probably due to a gastric problem. Pain due to gas can be very painful and cause a great amount of discomfort.

It is very difficult to provide a remedy as there is still plenty of information that needs to be got from you without which a proper treatment cannot be recommended. It is, therefore, advised that you get yourself checked by a doctor and also you might have to undergo an ultrasound examination to confirm that there is no problem with the organs in your body. However, see if you get some relief by applying a hot water bag to the painful area and if the pain is as a result of gastric problem you can try the home remedies mentioned below. Ensure that you chew your food well before swallowing and drink a lot of water. You can also have ginger tea after your meal as it helps in better digestion. To get instant relief from abdominal pain, you can chew betel leaves with little rock salt crystals. Prepare herbal tea by mixing chamomile, blackberry, mint and raspberry as it helps in effective digestion. Have a glass of water that contains a pinch of baking soda as it is very beneficial to treat gastric problems. Another effective remedy to treat gas is by having a glass of buttermilk that contains a little bit of asafetida. If these remedies do not relieve your pain then, you need to seek medical help.

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