How to cure heredity bunions?

It is only in extremely rare cases that a problem such as bunions can be inherited. Usually, they are a direct result of other physical factors. It is possible of course to inherit bone structure. But in most normal cases, bone structure is not really faulty in human beings. In the rare event that you have inherited the problem of bunions, you would need to first make sure of this trait. An experienced and good podiatrist will be able to make the accurate diagnosis for you. It is important to consult a podiatrist in the first place in any case. The fastest and best way to get rid of bunions of all kinds is basically surgery. However, this is an extremely big and painful step to take or contemplate. Only if your problem is totally out of hand and you find that nothing much can be done about the pain that typically accompanies it, should you think about treating them to surgery. Otherwise, this is not a good option at all. You are better off trying the tried and tested methods to take care of this particularly irksome problem.

To begin with, you should check your footwear. Wearing flat soled shoes is an essential part of getting rid of the pain caused by bunions. People mostly do not realize that the problem of improper footwear can actually cause bunions to increase ion the first place. You should stay away from high heeled shoes, which will almost always cause your problem to become more painful. In fact, there are special shoes available for people with the problem of bunions. These can also be made to fit each individual person. If you can, try and get this done for yourself. It may be a bit expensive, but it will be worth it. The other important thing is that you should make it a point to get off your feet every hour or so. This is particularly important if you have a job that keeps you on your feet for long periods of time. Sometimes, people forget to take breaks when they have these kind of jobs. Another way to get relief from bunions is to massage your feet with warm coconut oil each night before going to bed. You should wear thick socks afterwards for best results. This will also give your feet a chance to recover from the pain that is caused almost continually due to bunions.

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