I have a bunion on my right foot and for the past two days it has been inflammed and swollen, it has never done this before. Is it the bunion or something else?

Bunions are misaligned joints of the toes and the foot, causing pain and discomfort especially with the wrong kind of footwear. Bunions usually occur in older women. Standing for long hours in uncomfortable shoes, or a genetic bent makes women more prone to bunions later in life.

Bunions are known to get inflamed or even cause pain. There are times when this joint can get inflamed, become red, is tender to touch and even painful. In some other instances the fluid-filled sacs next to these joints can also get inflamed. This condition is known as bursitis. There is no real cause for such inflammation but gout and arthritis should not be ruled out for inflammation in men and women.   

While there is no cure for a bunion, it’s important to take care. Pain from the inflammation can be managed with over-the-counter pain killers and in really severe cases of inflammation, even cortisone injections can be given. Whenever there is pain or breakage of skin, antibiotics are needed to control the pain and inflammation.

Bunion inflammation can also be controlled with ice packs which provide relief. You might need to apply ice packs a few times in a day to get some relief. Another popular home remedy is a bath with a few aspirins dissolved in it. Keeping the affected foot soaked for some time can provide relief from the pain and inflammation.

Castor oil is believed to also provide relief to inflamed bunion-affected joints. Even red pepper juice is very effective on these joints. If you aren’t comfortable handling the pepper, you can try and source cream that contains capsaicin and apply the cream to the inflamed joint. Aloe Vera gel can also help reduce inflammation of the joint.

If you suffer from a bunion you should also get comfortable shoes so that whenever you have to walk, you have good support to walk with the inflamed joint. You can also try shoe inserts and bunion pads with tapes. Surgery is also an option for bunions. It can relieve pain but surgery cannot guarantee that bunion will not recur even though the surgery removes the bony extension. Correct footwear and activity restrictions can prevent the bunion from returning for the most part.


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answered by G R

Treatment for Bunion -

1.Take a homeopathic remedy hepar sulph 200 1 dose .Then start with

Ruta grav 30 5 pills 3 times daily for 5 days .

2.Even if it is any other swelling this ideal remedies above will work and

have a curative effect .

answered by D M K

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