How can I cleanse my kidneys?

In order to detoxify and clean your kidneys, you must follow a procedure that will take a long time to complete. You can start with fasting for a whole day, consuming only juice. If you feel able to, you may also continue this fast for three days. The most important thing is to be on a diet of simple fiber for at least a week. This will help in detoxifying your kidneys and will also improve your general overall health, not to mention the added side benefit of losing weight. The juices you must have most of are cranberry and white radish. These are the best for your kidneys. The first day should see you on a diet of cranberry juice for the whole day, and as much water as you want. It is possible that you may get headaches throughout the day, especially if you are a large eater. Should that happen, have the juice for the first half of the day and eat fruit for the second half. This should take care of your headache. You can eat citrus fruits and among vegetables, you can eat asparagus, which is the most effectively useful medicine for the kidneys. It will clean and detoxify your kidneys and flush them out very well.

answered by M W

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