THC natural detox: How do I cleanse and flush my system of THC?

THC, which is actually a short form of tetrahydrocannabinol, is an active substance found in the cannabis plant. This will manifest itself as a presence in your body when you have either smoked marijuana or taken it orally. If you want to know a method to flush out THC from your system because you have an upcoming drug test, it is strongly advisable that you try to be absent for this test. Although there are a few ways to flush the drug out of your system, absolutely none of them come with any kind of guarantee whatsoever. This is particularly true if you have consumed the drug within a month before you are going for this test.Generally, THC stays in the system for 90 days before it is completely and fully evicted. You can try to use simple water to flush out your system, and this may work after a period of 45 days has passed. But there are some very sophisticated tests that will not be fooled by this attempt either. Whether or not you are caught depends entirely upon what kind of test is being administered to you. Alternately, diuretics may also be used to flush the drug out of your system, but the same hold true for this as well.

answered by G M

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