Causes of back and kidney pain

It is first important to identify whether the pain experienced is merely back ache or truly kidney pain. Most people tend to associate the dull aching pain in the lower back to kidney pain which isn’t the case since it is usually musculoskeletal pain. Sharp, severe pain felt in waves on both sides in the area below the ribs is Kidney pain and is generally caused due to kidney stone(s) lodged in the ureter blocking the flow of urine and forcing it back up into the kidneys. This leads to inflammation of the kidney and thus the pain. It could also be due to kidney infection or other kidney-related illnesses, including cysts and even cancer.

While consuming copious amounts of water is a must to combat kidney pain, another very popular home remedy for kidney pain is drinking a mixture of 2 ounces of olive oil with 2 ounces of lemon juice. The mixture attacks the stone, either breaking it or dissolving it, thus allowing it to pass and providing relief from the pain. It is also recommended to cut down on the intake of the following foods: chocolates, coffee, tea, cola, beets, strawberries, nuts and wheat bran. Food rich in vitamin C should also be avoided since Vitamin C tends to be the cause of kidney stones. Regular exercise also facilitates easier passage of calcium, instead of its accumulation and conversion into stones. However, if the pain persists, and is very severe one should consult a doctor.

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