I have just done a 7 1/2 days of detox (Absolutely no solid food). Felt good when I was doing the detox. After 4 days, I am constipated again. What should I do?

A diet that consists of only liquids helps to cleanse your entire digestive system. However, you have to be sure that you get your system prepared in advance before you start your diet and you have to make sure that you also slowly reintroduce solid foods once you have stopped this diet. This is similar to the warm-ups and cool-downs that you have when exercising. While you are on a liquid diet, you are bound to feel a lot healthier as the increased liquid intake helps to flush out your entire system. In addition, the absence of heavy and fatty foods in your daily diet helps to keep your digestive system working in top form. A detox diet helps to cleanse your entire system of accumulated toxins and rejuvenates the system. People on a detox diet generally feel intense hunger pangs for the first two days only after which they start to feel very energetic and rejuvenated. Although , it has a lot of benefits when it is done for a short period, it is not advisable to try and stick to a long term detox diet plan as it can have a lot of negative effects if it lasts for a prolonged period.

A detox diet should only be attempted after you talk to a doctor or a dietician as it is a rather intense diet plan that can have negative effects if you have any pre-existing condition. You will need to slowly cut down on your solid food intake and start to increase the amount of fruit juices and vegetable juices in your diet. Do this for at least a few days before your diet. At the end of your diet, do not eat a lot of heavy foods right away and instead concentrate on fiber rich foods that will help to stimulate your digestive system. Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, and a little mashed potato are good options to slowly wean yourself off your diet. You can also have plenty of fruits like apples, watermelons and pears as they are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You can have these fruits and vegetables for the first day or two after your diet. After this you can introduce a small amount of grains in your diet along with a healthy porridge for breakfast. Do not include unhealthy fried food in your diet and instead make sure that you use a small quantity of olive oil when cooking to ensure that you get the amount of healthy fats that your body requires.

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