Numbness in hands in diabetic patient during sleep

Loss of feeling in a particular part of the body, is referred to as numbness. Nerve degeneration in diabetic individual's results in pain and tingling sensation in the arms, legs and feet. Diabetic neuropathy is common due to improper control of blood sugar levels. Obesity and high cholesterol levels also cause diabetic neuropathy degeneration of nerves. Smoking and alcohol usage is restricted.

Certain inherited traits, autoimmune factors and mechanical injury causes neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy affects the arms, limbs and hands. You are experiencing peripheral neuropathy. Loss of balance and coordination, cramps, numbness or insensitivity and a tingling sensation are the typical symptoms. Aggravation of symptoms in the night is seen. Injury, due to pressure is common, as numbness results in unnoticed injury.

Movement of the affected area brings immediate relief. The exact cause of numbness is to be identified. Other underlying conditions resulting in numbness of hands are carpal tunnel syndrome, damage of cervical spinal cord and ulnar tunnel syndrome. A gentle massage is helpful. Placing a warm compress proves beneficial. Regular exercise is an effective remedy, along with a balanced diet.

answered by Dr C

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