I Have Poor Circulation In Hands And Arms. Please Suggest Some Remedies?

There are a lot of things that could cause poor circulation in both hands and legs. Since these are extremities in the body, the heart has to do a lot of hard work to reach the blood to these ends of the body. It is therefore common for the limbs to often have poor circulation problems. Spider veins and embolisms are results of these poor circulatory problems.

If you have been experiencing blood circulation problems, the best treatment is to have a thorough massage with warming essential oils. Oils such as lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils not only help keep your skin soft and supple, but also pass heat to the lower layers of your tissues, keeping you warm from inside.

It is also important to keep your spine aligned in order to prevent tension from building on your back. When the spine is aligned perfectly and is correct structurally, the circulation in the hands and the legs remains optimal. You can also perform gentle stretching exercises as well as yoga to improve your muscle tone as well as circulation all over the body as well as in your limbs. Some people resort to chiropractic care or acupressure to improve blood circulation. A diet is also among other natural remedies for poor circulation.

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What causes poor blood circulation in the arms and legs?

Poor circulation seems to be a distant reality, but it is more common than you would believe. Even if you are completely healthy, there are many reasons why your hands and legs may not get the proper amount of blood required by them to remain healthy. You may feel numbness in your fingers and toes, and you may even feel a little cold. Here are some of the causes of poor blood circulation in your body:

  • The most common thing that causes poor blood circulation in your body is consumption of tobacco products and alcohol. Both tobacco and alcohol constrict the flow of oxygen, especially to the fingers and toes, which are the extremities of the body. This could make you feel cold and would even cause the digits to become slightly blue in color.
  • Chronic diseases of the lung, heart, and kidneys can also contribute to poor circulation throughout the body, especially in the lower extremities.
  • Excessive consumption of caffeine can cause a lot of different kind of stimulating effects. This may also be a contributing factor in the constriction of blood flow.
  • Poor blood circulation in legs is often caused due to stress. Your shoulder and neck muscles may spasm due to stress, causing pinching of nerves and obstruction of blood flow, especially to the arms and the hands.

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How to treat poor circulation in hands?

There are various causes for poor circulation in the hands, and more often than not, the treatment for poor circulation is dependent on the cause. There are some stretching exercises that will help you treat poor circulation in your hands. Simply stretch your arms by extending both your arms straight in front of you. Having done that, rotate your wrists in the clockwise direction. Move your hands 10 times in both the directions.

Another way to improve circulation in your body is to apply alternating heat and cold in your body. This can be easily done by taking alternating sitz baths in hot and cold water. You can also take alternating showers in hot and cool water. Basic stretching exercises, such as those in yoga, can help you deal with poor circulation in your body. These poses and postures help improve blood circulation all over the body. If the poor circulation remedies are not working for you, you can use certain medications that help you relax and improve blood circulation all over the body.

If there is numbness in the fingers and hands and if your digits are turning blue, you should ideally apply some heat to them so that the blood vessels dilate and direct more blood flow to these extremities.

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What is the natural cure for it?

If you are looking for natural remedies to improve blood circulation, you can resort to herbal remedies. These herbs help bring warmth to your body, therefore dilating the blood vessels and increasing the amount of blood that is available to your body. One of the best herbal remedies for poor circulation is cayenne pepper. This herb helps stimulate the heart and dilate blood vessels so that your blood flow is regulated. Cayenne pepper can be consumed in the form of a capsule or mixed with a glass of tepid water. You can also consume gingko biloba, which improves memory as well as strengthens the blood vessels.

Both onion and garlic also provide similar benefits to the heart, blood vessels, and nervous system. You can also perform certain blood circulation exercises as directed by your doctor or a physiotherapist. Meditation, which helps increase concentration and relieves stress, is a great way to relax your body and dilate your blood vessels to allow more blood to course through your body. This keeps your organs in better shape.

The central circulatory system needs to be worked upon. Cardiovascular exercises strengthen your heart. You can also perform deep breathing exercises that help improve your lung capacity and increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. This can also help you with high blood pressure and other similar problems.

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