Natural Treatment to Make Vagina Tighter: Is there any home remedy to make your vagina tighter?

Exercise to Make Vagina Tight

Vagina of women often gets affected after childbirth, it is natural and both the women and her partner should learn to accept the changes. However it can be tightened by following these simple tips:

Kegel exercise – is a name of pelvic floor exercise, the muscle which stretches during childbirth. This exercise will not only help to make the muscles stronger and more elastic but also improve sexual pleasure in terms of orgasms. This exercise would not actually make your vagina small but they would help to make the opening tighter. This exercise is simple to perform, when you are urinating without using your hands contract the muscles and stop the flow of urine for 4-5 seconds. Relax these muscles and let the urine flow again. These are basically your pelvic floor muscles, to check for confirmation you can insert a finger or two in your vagina and perform same contraction and relaxation technique. If you feel any tightness in your fingers then you have located the correct muscles. Do kegal exercise 8-10 times a day, repeating 10-15 times per session. Like any other muscle building exercises, kegel exercise would also take 8-10 weeks to feel any difference. Daily do it on regular basis for best results. However if you dont feel any difference then consult a specialist who would guide some other exercises. Before application of any vaginal tightening lotions, creams or ointments consult a specialist for the prescription as many a times the make more harm than good.

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