April 3, 2008

What are Spermicides – Efficient Contraceptives and Birth Control to Avoid Pregnancy

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Spermicides are birth control technique and are considered to be more effective when used with other birth control methods such as diaphragm or condoms. Spermicides are available in the market in gel, foam, suppositories and film form at an affordable price. These are put in the female vagina; it contains the chemical nonoxynol-9 which kills the sperm and thus prevents pregnancy.

Using an applicator the Spermicides are put inside the female vagina properly. Thus before entering into the uterus the sperm gets killed. At least 15 minutes before intercourse you are required to place it inside the vagina; this is important because some time is required for the proper dissolution of the fluid. Moreover it is also required that it properly spreads in the vagina. These are effective just for one hour and after that it loses its effect.

The chances of pregnancy diminish once you use it; but it becomes more effective if you use it along with condoms or diaphragms. But everything depends on the way of application; if properly applied it will be highly effective. Sometime it happens that you may apply it just before intercourse; in the absence of requisite time it will not properly dissolve and spread in the vagina and in other times it is put incorrectly in the vagina.

It does have side effects; irritation in and around vagina and infection in the urinary tract are some of the side effects associated with it. In case of any complication consult a doctor and stop using it if necessary. It does not provide any protection against the sexually transmitted diseases. These are available in major stores and are available at an affordable rate.

Spermicides are an effective way to control unwanted pregnancy; you can enjoy your sex life without any worry. But remember to apply it correctly otherwise it will be a wasteful expenditure.