Information on Uterine Prolapse

by Sam Malone

A uterine prolapse is that condition where the uterus detaches and comes out through the vagina. This can be an extremely difficult and serious condition and can occur for a variety of reasons. During an extremely stressful labor, it has been found that the muscles that are holding the uterus together in its place tend to become weak and can remain this way for a while chronically. This is not always deduced right after childbirth, as most women tend to be fairly young at the time of giving birth. However, as time progresses, this weakness can lead to the uterus collapsing completely because of the weakened muscles and can thus get into the vaginal canal. In the end, the uterus can at times completely come off through the vagina. This can in all likelihood happen in a slow fashion and quite naturally. The woman may not feel any pain immediately but it will be associated with some discomfort that is linked with the condition. Since it is happening gradually and in small stages, the patient at times will be in a state of discomfort that can get quite extreme. Among the other symptoms there is also a feeling that the patient goes through wherein they get the sensation of something coming through their vagina. This can be continuous and very irritating. It can also be accompanied with severe back ache and difficulty while walking. Every time they sit, they would feel like they are sitting on some kind of a ball which has been placed beneath their vagina.

Otherwise, each time they go to urinate, they may end up feeling the uncomfortable sensation like something which is not urine is sliding out too. The same sensation of discomfort can also accompany them when having a bowel movement. Actually, the bowel movements can also become difficult. The worst is that there can be extreme pain when they are having sexual intercourse. In fact, till they are given a solution to this problem the doctors do not advise the woman to have sex at all. These are known to be fairly common and even standard symptoms. These are the symptoms which any patient suffering from a uterine prolapse should know.

Treatment normally involves doing a number of tests prior to the doctor giving any drugs. Treatment depends entirely on which stage of the condition the woman is in. Certain exercises are recommended to strengthen the vaginal wall.

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