Hi I am 33 yrs. old now a days I'm pregnant 6th month has started. I have fair complexion since my last delivery my vagina turns black also the whole area beside it. Please tell me effective home remedies to remove its blackness

In a world that is tend to judge a persons aesthetic appeal with a very serious yardstick, it is understandable for some people to take their looks very seriously. In fact today a lot of people tend to spend a majority of their time and money on their aesthetic appeal. This is also easily noticeable in the many different varieties of beauty products that are stacked in the consumer as well as medical and cosmetic stores all over the world. Darkness around certain areas of skin is extremely common and is easily caused by a number of factors including excessive exposure of the skin to the damaging influence of the ultra violet rays. Some of the other common causes include genetics as well as the impact that low quality skin care products will have on the skin tone. It is important to remember that in the event that you were born with rather dark skin, chances are that there will not be much that one can naturally do about it.

Hyperpigmentation is probably the most common cause of the darkening of fair skin and is primarily the result of over exposure of the skin to sunlight. The sun rays contain a dangerous component known as ultra violet rays that play a role in the development of some very serious skin conditions including skin cell degeneration as well as skin cancer. In an effort to fight off the dangers of these UV rays, the human body prompts the melanocytes - which are cells located in the lower layers of the skin tissue to increase the amount of melanin they produce. Melanin is the coloring agent of the skin and the larger the quantities of melanin produced by the melanocytes - the darker the affected area of skin is going to become. The melanin is likely to spread over the more susceptible parts of the skin -which could possibly cause certain areas of the skin to look rather patchy. The only way to really effectively guard yourself against this occurrence would be to make sure that you wear a highly recommended sun screen lotion every time you venture outdoors - especially between 11 am and 2 pm, when the suns UV rays tend to be at their most dangerous.

Another one of the very common causes of skin darkening that we had previously mentioned is the excessive use of low quality cosmetic products. In most cases, the cheaper cosmetic products will usually use low quality ingredients in their manufacture - which could easily harm the surface of the skin - causing it to look black. Regular exfoliation is one of the most effective methods of helping your skin look younger as it helps get rid f the old layers of dead skin cells that will usually sit atop the younger, fairer skin cells.

Going through a pregnancy is a time during which there are a number of changes taking place within the body and certain factors like the darkening of the vagina is likely to happen. Though many would seek methods on how to make the vagina fair, vaginal darkening should not be a very big problem. Experiencing the development of a dark vagina or dark skin around the vagina is likely to be caused by the wearing of polyester or synthetic underwear. If this is the case, then it is highly recommended that you switch to cotton underwear as soon as possible to avoid vaginal darkening. Besides it allows the skin to breathe easily and also does not cause the same amount of irritation to the skin as either polyester or synthetic materials tend to do.

Because of the fact that the problem of dark vaginal skin is a rather common occurrence all over the world, there are a number of home remedies that have been developed in order to help women treat the condition. These treatments could be carried out simply using ingredients that they are likely to find in their home. Given that lime juice is considered to be one of the best and most effective natural bleaching agents, it is a very common ingredient in a number of skin fairness treatment options. One such effective treatment option is to apply a thick layer of yogurt, mixed in with a few drops of lime juice, over the vaginal area and allow it to rest for a period of about 20 minutes. After that time you could wash it off with the help of a mild, non acidic soap. The yogurt contains good bacteria cultures that help prevent the development of genital thrush that can cause a significant amount of discomfort as well as pain. Another very effective and widely used option for dark vagina lips is to apply a mixture of turmeric powder and lime juice over the area and keep it on for some time before washing it off. Regularly following this practice will see the skin lighten significantly after a few days.

Because of the fact that you mentioned that the changes seem to be taking place during a pregnancy, it is important to remember that this could easily be a very temporary change while your body copes with the many alterations in chemical as well as hormonal quantities within the body. The pregnancy is also likely to give rise to the darkening of a number of moles, freckles, areolas and inner thighs in addition to the vaginal area. Make it a point to always wear loose fitting clothes that allow your skin to breathe easily as tight fitting clothes are more likely to cause excessive seating in the area - thereby leading to itchiness that could cause you to scratch the area and thereby leading to dark skin of the vagina. Whenever you take a bath, make it a point to rub some amount of baking soda over the area or even simply wash it with a slice of lemon, but make sure that you wipe the area properly at the end to ensure it stays dry and clean at all times.

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The first thing you must do is stop wearing polyester or synthetic underwear and start wearing cotton underwear. You can apply a thick layer of yogurt with a few drops of lime juice mixed in it to the entire darkened area and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Wash it off with a mild, non acidic soap. You can also mix the yogurt with dried powdered orange peels to make a thick paste and apply that. A mix of oatmeal and yogurt would also result in lightening the colour of that area considerably. But make sure you try these remedies for at least two months before you can see results. Apply a mix of turmeric powder and lime juice; since lime juice is natural bleach, it will lighten the skin. Make a decoction of a teaspoon each of milk powder, honey, lemon/lime juice, and almond oil. Apply on the area and wash after 15 minutes. This decoction can be stored in the refrigerator for upto a week, so you don't have to make it everyday. Grate one potato and squeeze out the juice. Apply this juice to the area and wash off with water after about 20 minutes. Follow this routine daily till you notice results.

It is also important that you keep the area dry and clean at all times. Use toilet paper without fail, and after every bath, apply corn starch to the area to keep it dry. Avoid using talcum powder.

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