What happens when you spit blood, feel dizzy and get stomach pains?

If you have been experiencing such severe symptoms, you should visit a doctor immediately. A stomach ache is usually a symptom of some minor problem, but when combined with symptoms such as c and spitting blood, it is obviously an indication that something serious is wrong with you. You should not be fooling around with self medication and home remedies at this point of time. It is best for you to visit a doctor — let the doctor find out what exactly is the cause of your symptoms, and then follow the doctor's advice carefully and diligently.

The symptoms you describe are probably due to a peptic ulcer, most probably in your stomach or esophagus. The symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea or loss of appetite, and heartburn. In some cases, there may also be vomiting of blood. You do not exactly seem to be throwing up blood, but there is certainly some amount of blood loss through the ulcer. If the dizziness is related to this, your condition may be quite serious. Your treatment will depend on the seriousness of your condition. In some cases, mild medication may be enough, but if the ulcer leads to a perforation in the gastric tract, it might be a medical emergency that requires surgery.

answered by G R

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