Shortly after I eat, I get headaches, stomach ache, stomach cramps, backache, vomiting and just feel exhausted. My husband wanted me to add this as well. I fell on a rock in the river a couple of months ago. Kindly advice.

It is unlikely that your fall a couple of months ago would have anything to do with the symptoms that you describe, unless any of them started immediately after the fall. Even if the start of these symptoms happens to coincide with your fall, it is unlikely that there is a cause and effect relationship, as the only symptom that seems likely be the result of an injury is the back ache. The headache, stomach ache, stomach cramps, vomiting, and exhaustion are unlikely to be related to the fall in any way, except perhaps if you feel because you were exhausted or dizzy. If that is the case, you should be more careful, and visit a doctor as soon as possible. In any case, a doctor's visit seems not only advisable but essential at this point of time. All these symptoms together seem to indicate that you have some rather serious problem, and unfortunately it is not possible to diagnose it or provide any specific advice over such a forum.

One possibility is gall stones or some other gall bladder problem. The stomach ache, stomach cramps, and nausea to the point of throwing up are often symptoms of a gall stone problem. The back ache could also be related, as pain is sometimes experienced in the back. The back pain is usually in the upper or middle back, either between or just under the shoulder blades, while the stomach pain is usually in the upper abdominal area. The timing also seems to match - gall bladder problems are usually experienced soon after meals, especially meals that contain lots of fatty foods. However, gall stones are not known to cause headaches, and the exhaustion too does not seem to be related, unless your digestion is so badly affected that you have not been getting enough nutrition. It is of course possible that these symptoms are not related to the main problem, in which case your doctor will have to investigate further. Another possibility, although unlikely, is that all the symptoms are unrelated, which unfortunately makes diagnosis all the more difficult.

One thing you can do is reduce the amount of fat in your meals. Do not entirely cut out fat, as it is an essential part of your diet; but for at least one meal of the day, try cutting out fat as much as possible. If this results in a reduction or elimination of the symptoms you have described, then you quite certainly have a gall bladder problem. Of course you will still need to confirm this with a doctor, and get proper treatment.

answered by G M

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