Suggest some good treatment for Knee ligament strains?

Natural Cure for Knee Ligament Strains

If you have a severe strain on your knee ligament, then here I have some of the best advice in terms of home remedies for knee ligament strains:

  • Don't let your knees crash under your heavy weight. Shed down extra weight so that less pressure is exerted on your knees. Lose that excess weight.
  • Involve yourself in physical exercises such as swimming, biking, rowing, cycling, aerobics and dancing that can help you in strengthening your knee muscles and joints.
  • A good pair of shoes is also important to have healthy joints. Improper and tight fitted shoes exerts pressure on toes and heels which gradually passes to the knee joints and strains the joint.
  • Application of ice compress over sore and painful knee can help in reducing inflammation and alleviating pain.
  • Consumption of Bishop's weeds is also a good cure for treating knee strain.
  • Herbs such as cat's claw, devil's claw, ginger and boswellia are also useful for relieving inflammation and pain caused due to knee ligament strain.
  • Decoction of herbs such as Hingulesvara rasa, Yogaraja guggulu, Maha Yogaraja gugguluVisatinduka vati, Simhananda guggulu and Eranda paka can also be consumed for healing knee strain and speed recovery.
  • You can even try preparing a hot paste by blending seeds of black phaseolus, castor and country mallow, leaves of rasna and sandal. Apply this paste on the affected knee and see the wondrous effects.

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