Swollen Knee Home Remedy: What Is The Remedial Relief For Swollen Knee Joints Due To Ligament Problem?

The cause of the swollen knees has to be identified, before providing treatment. Inflammation and pain in the joints is typical of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a condition, wherein the ligaments in between the knees are worn out. This results in abrasion between the knees, giving rise to pain. Underlying diseases and side effects of drugs also cause knee swelling. Immunodeficiency, gout, knee injury are some of the causes for knee swelling. Examination of the knees by an orthopedician is essential. Biochemical parameters including renal function tests, blood culture, uric acid, ASO titer, electrolytes content, serum iron and coagulation profile are diagnosed. Damage to the internal structures, by accident or injury results in blood filling in the cavity. This also contributes to swollen knees and knee pain. This is referred to as 'haemarthrosis'. Excessive secretion of the lubricating synovial fluid in the knee cavity and presence of blood in the cavity is termed as 'post-haemorrhagic effusion'. Fractures also give rise to swollen knee joints. Any underlying injury of great intensity, referred to as 'referred pain', also passes pain across the nerves, resulting in swollen knees.

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