Home remedies for uneven skin tone

Uneven skin tone may be caused by a variety of reasons, including both internal as well as external factors. Uneven skin tone could be a hindrance to your appearance and may sometimes be a cause of social embarrassment. You should keep in mind that a healthy looking skin is a reflection of a healthy body; hence, in order to achieve healthy skin tone, you need to focus on eating well and exercising regularly. However, apart from diet and exercise, uneven skin tone supplements can also be used to even out skin tone.

Some of the causes of an uneven skin tone are hormonal imbalance, lack of sebum in the oil glands, reaction to light, and uneven build-up of melanin, leading to patchy brown appearance. While you may choose uneven skin tone supplements, it is good to know that it could also have adverse effects on your skin. These products are available in the market and promise to reduce the concentration of free radicals and melanin, regulate the sebaceous or oil glands, and relieve uneven skin tone. However, these have harmful chemicals which would affect your skin and cause much damage to it later in life. Some of the natural uneven skin tone supplements are as follows:

  • One of the most effective uneven skin tone remedies is exfoliating the skin with a mixture of yogurt or curd and grounded orange peels. You can apply the paste of your skin and remove the dead cells, which helps even out the skin tone.
  • Another effective remedy is the use of lemon juice on the skin. You can apply it on face and leave it for a while, and then wash it off.
  • Application of curd till it dries and then rubbing it off is also an effective way to even out your skin tone or complexion.
  • You can also apply tomato on your skin; massage tomato pulp for about 10 minutes to rectify an uneven skin tone. This can also help you clear blemishes and patches.
  • Another effective remedy for an uneven skin tone is cleaning your face with rose water. Dab a piece of cotton wool dipped in rose water over your face before you go to sleep at night. Rose water is an excellent natural toner, and it will help close open pores.
  • Application of honey is also an effective natural remedy to correct uneven skin tone.
  • Including a lot of fruits, vegetables, juices and pulses in your diet will also help flush out the toxins from the body, thereby evening out your skin tone.
  • You can also use chemical agents as uneven skin tone supplements; these include fruit acids, chemical peels, and beta hydroxyl lotions. However, you must use these with the prescription of a dermatologist.

Apart from these remedies, you can also go for various uneven skin tone treatments, including microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing. These treatments are expensive and may not give desired results. As such, it is best to use natural remedies coupled with a proper diet and work-out.

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Uneven skin tone can be cleared up and made even quite easily with the help of some simple home remedies. Applying the whey of yoghurt (the residual water in yogurt) mixed with a few drops of lime juice will help considerably with this. You can leave this on for a while and then wash it off with a mild soap. You must also make it a point to exfoliate your skin regularly. This will slough off dead skin cells that sometimes lead to dark pockets of skin forming and making the skin tone look uneven. Make your own exfoliating scrub with a cup of yogurt to which dried and ground orange peels have been added. You can roll this gently over your skin till it starts becoming thick and flaky. Then it will roll right off all by itself. This will clean up your face.

You can also take a tomato, chop it into two and scrub your face with both halves for a good 10 minutes. This will help to remove mild blemished and will improve your skin tone considerably. Follow a simple routine of washing your face and moisturizing every day before going to bed. This will also help you on a long term basis.

answered by G M

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